Here's what our families and former students are saying...





My daughter, Alyssa, recently started taking advanced jazz and ballet classes at British Ballet Academy and is very happy there.  It is a very friendly environment and everyone makes you feel welcomed.

- Olivia A


British Ballet Academy has taught my daughter discipline and dedication. It has also made her appreciate various styles of dance and the art of performing. She is more confident and willing to create because of her experience here at British Ballet Academy.

- Genevieve T


Kristy and her staff are wonderful in the manner that they teach dance.  My daughter has been with the company for the past three years and truly loves her teachers. A++ to this team of teachers.

- Victoria S


It has been 11 years since we've become a part of the British Ballet Academy family. In those 11 years my daughter has learned so much from all the amazing people that make up this amazing Academy. She has learned structure, balance, hard work, confidence and so much more. We are proud to continue being part of this elite group.

- Toni R


The very first class I ever took at British Ballet Academy was when I was three years old. That first lesson led to over fourteen years of classes in ballet, tap, jazz and later, pointe, hip-hop, and modern dance styles. When I think of growing up, it would be impossible to separate all the years I spent at BBA learning, rehearsing, traveling and performing. My time spent at the dance studio helped cultivate me into the person I am today. I cannot image a better group of teachers, pupils and parents to have had the pleasure of spending so many wonderful years with.

- Casey B


British Ballet Academy is the pinnacle in dance studios in El Paso. I danced for British as a young girl and teenager when Mrs. Laine Johns instructed and Kristy has taken over and innovated the studio to the demands of the dance market. My daughter has enjoyed joining the British Ballet family and will continue through her teenage years and she has shown interest in one day becoming a ballet dance teacher herself. We look forward to all the memories we will create and share with our dance family.

- Michelle A


My daughter has been dancing at British Ballet Academy for a Little under 5 months. In this short amount of time, I have seen how British Ballet has helped my daughter gain a new sense of confidence. It has helped make her a more outgoing, disciplined little girl. Kristy is an exceptional teacher; she takes the time to get to know every child individually to maximize their capabilities. She has a way of keeping the children’s attention, and they are eager to learn from her. Sofia and I have always felt very welcome by each member of the staff. I highly recommend British Ballet to any parent; the staff has created a thriving environment for all children.

- Alexandra V


My 8 year old daughter is in her fifth year of attendance at British Ballet Academy. As a former ballet dancer at BBA, I understand the need for discipline and high standards. But I also know that not all ballet studios provide a supportive atmostphere for girls growing into dancers (and teenagers). She spent the first three years in pre-ballet, where they explore creative movement and ballet fundamentals. The environment created here is very fun and playful for them while learning control and comfortability of their bodies. I have been impressed with the professionalism and dedication of the director Kristy O'Connell and the dance instructors. I proudly support and recommend British Ballet Academy.

- Adrianna R


My daughter started in the ballet/tap combination class when she was four. That was eight years ago. She is now in Ballet III, and loves dance more every year. In addition to pursuing somehting she loves, she has developed an understanding that practice does lead to improvement and that hard work pays off. My daughter has never been one for team sports but she loves being part of her ballet "team." I also have to give a big shout-out about the recitals! The recitals are so well done and joy to watch. The Plaza Theater is packed every year!

- Jana R


British Ballet has been a part of our family for the last ten years. My two girls have been dancing since they were 3 years old, they are now 8 and 12! From beginning combo classes, to ballet, tap and jazz, they always look forward to their classes every week. Even after a long day at school, knowing they have dance class gets them energized, excited and eager to see what new techniques they might learn that day. The teachers are talented, hard working and good to all the dancer. I have especially enjoyed seeing dancers that started at a very young age, grow in their dancing skills and become teacher's assistants, and even become teachers themselves. Recital day is a HUGE event. My girls feel giggly, nervous, excited and special because they are part of a very beautiful production. Family members and friends look forward to the recital every May. I get so many requests for tickets months before the recital is scheduled. As busy as recital day is, we are always happy and proud to be part of British Ballet Academy. Everyones hard work, dedication and love for dance shines every year! Come and see for yourselves...come to our recital!

- Christy G


My mother enrolled me in dance at British Ballet Academy when I was four years old. I was a very shy child, but I became very outgoing when I danced. BBA offered incredible opportunities for me to break out of my shell through dance and travel as well. I was able to perform in three college bowl game halftime shows before I was a junior in high school. One summer we also performed at Disneyland, which just so happened to fall on my fifteenth birthday. We even had the chance to do a hip-hop number for a UTEP basketball halftime show. However, dancing at BBA was not only full of fun opportunities to perform, but also to gain proper technique. I started taking ballet when I was fourteen years old. While I was the oldest one in that class, the instructors encouraged and pushed me to excel. I eventually was to dance en pointe within one year of training. This instruction not only proved valuable at the studio, but also for my college experience where I was able to dance at EPCC and NMSU. I highly recommend British Ballet Academy where one can learn and grow in technique while also breaking out of their comfort zone through travel and dance.

- Camille G


British Ballet Academy is by far THE BEST DANCE STUDIO in El Paso! I LOVE this studio! My daughter Aaliyah has been coming to this studio since the age of 3. She's 18 now and still here!! That should speak volumes to anyone who may have any doubt about enrolling their child. BBA dance teachers are not only professionals, they are also champions and well renowned performers. Just visit the wall next to the office at the studio. You'll see pictures of Kristy and the other instructors with the best of the best in the industry. Under their expert tutelage my daughter has grown exponentially as a dancer and a performer. She's had the opportunity to travel with this studio to perform at Bowl games in Florida and California. Both trips were invaluable experiences in the growth of a dancer. Studio dance recitals are always beautiful and professionally done. They make sure to showcase ALL students in their different skill levels and all their cuteness. But by far BBA has my heart because of the family atmostphere they foster between the students and the instructors. Kristy O'Connell (Owner/Artistic Director) and Amy Cataldi (Office Manager) make time to answer any questions and always have a smile for me when I come in. If you're looking for an authentic, family oriented, and professional dance studio for your child...which offers all genres of dance...BRITISH BALLET IS THE PLACE!

- Adina V


We have been bringing our daughter to British for 8 years now and it has been the best experience for both them and us. Their teachers pour themselves into all the dancers. They make sure they are not only learning, but having fun as well. Recital at the end of the year is put on so well and really showcases how much they have worked throughout the year! We would highly recomment it to anyone looking for a great studio!

- Sarah B


My oldest daughter has been dancing with British Ballet for almost five years and now with my youngest she has been dancing with BBA for almost three years. My husband and I have been absolutely happy with the studio. The staff and dance instructors are amazing and truly caring. The costumes are incredibly beautiful and I personally look foward to recital time. It is such a momentous time to see all the beautifully choreographed numbers! You can't go wrong with BBA!

- Georgina S


We love British Ballet Academy! We have been a part of British Ballet for the past ten years. I chose British Ballet Academy because I knew my daughters would be taught the proper techniques of ballet in a warm and nurturing environment. My daughters enjoy attending classes each week and have learned so much from their teachers Ms. Kristy and Ms. Erica. The instructors are professional, kind, energetic, encouraging and dedicated. Thank you for all you do to foster a love of dance for my girls!

- Veronica C


As a military family, my girls have been to a few dance studios. By far, our favorite place to dane was British Ballet. The girls learned the fundamentals of dance from caring and fun teachers in a safe environment. The staff was friendly and helpful in walking me (a mom who never had a dance class) through what my girls needed for every recital and event they were involved in at BBA. Other studios will take your tuition money and not even bother to learn your child's name. At BBA, the teachers and staff were more like family. We made some life-long friends who we will never forget. When you move, there are places you wish you could pick up and take with you to your next assignment - BBA is one of those. We will always cherish our time with BBA and encourage other families assigned to Ft. Bliss to consider your studio for dance instruction.

- Janet L


British Ballet, a dance studio where not only do we see as our second home, but where teachers, staff and other clients have become family. My daughter has been dancing with British Ballet for 8 years now, every teacher has always shown pride, professionalism and dedication towards their dancers. They make sure dancers strive to do their best, and give it there all. We're blessed and thankful to be part of the British Ballet family and enjoying our adventures with them.

- Diana G